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A roar is a type of animal vocalization consisting of both a low fundamental frequency (pitch) and low formant frequency. Many mammals have evolved to produce roars and other roar-like vocalizations for purposes such as long-distance communication and intimidation.


Also Roar became a symbol for magnificent number of fashions, style, cultural directions:


Roar 20s,

Roar TV series about animals living in a zoo,

“The Roar” novel by Clayton 2008,

“Roar” song by Katy Perry,

ROAR Magazine, an independent online publication,

Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans, a 2014 Hindi-language Indian animal horror feature film.


Roar T-Shirt contains many options for expression yourself. Be yourself, Be Roar.


About Size / 關於尺碼 : 

Gildan T-shirt 76000 Size Chart

About Product / 關於產品 :

100% cotton 全棉 , 5.3oz 安士


Washing instructions / 保養指引 :

- Wash inside out with like colours / 反轉與相同顏色衣服清洗

- Machine Wash Cold / 30度或以下水溫洗衣機洗滌

- Do Not Dry Clean / 不可乾洗

- Do Not Bleach / 不可漂白




Note: Actual color may differ due to monitor settings. / 注意:實際顏色可能會因顯示器設置而異。